Johnson has been one of the foremost innovators in the field of ceramic manufacturing. Our history traces back to 1901 in UK. Our journey in India started in 1958 and H&R Johnson has been the pioneer of Tile Manufacturing since then. With a rich legacy and quality offerings H&R Johnson has been the most popular and leading tile brand for close to 6 decades now. We have always dedicated resources towards researching architectural and Interior designing themes and trends. This effort of ours include international tie-up with leading design houses.



Innovations have always been a core aspect of our Company, and have been instrumental in helping us introduce several unique products based on our understanding of consumer needs as well as the latest technological trends Globally.

With vast experience and in depth knowledge in ceramics, in-house R&D and captive production of many components like Moulds, Cores & Components. These are few of the reasons that we own a position of leadership in the category of Home Solutions.


Quality is both inherent and visible aspect in sanitaryware and faucets, something that we pay great attention to, for offering the best products to our customers - we use the best raw materials most modern technology and equipment and deploy strict quality controls in the creation of each product.




World Class quality of products is achieved through impeccable attention to detail - right from meticulous selection of Raw Material, and maintaining the right composition. Precision continues through perfect casting process and finally through accurate firing temperature.


To give shape to perfect sanitaryware, the mould is carefully crafted by Johnson Ceramic Experts.


Our signature designs take shape through casting in a controlled environment.


A fine layer of our unique glaze formula is sprayed on the casted body.


Accurate firing temperature of the High Tech Kiln gives Uniform Shape and Shining surface to the product.


Incredible precision and control towards flow of water is a result of cutting-edge engineering in Faucet design. Every aspect of production from core making to electroplating is carried out in a controlled environment to ensure a perfect output.

Core Making

Flawless Cores facilitate a uniform internal structure of Faucets.


High quality brass is casted in poured in moulds that ensures uniform casting of brass faucet body.


Machining is carried out using high precision equipment that gives longer life and Durability to faucets.


Fine Curves and smooth surface is achieved through careful buffing.


Dazzling finish of Dura Shine is a result of our special Chrome electroplating technique.


Every product is carefully inspected by skilled Quality control team. Post inspection, all products undergo testing using hightech equipment to meet international standards.

What separates an average product from a perfect one is the high standards of acceptability. At this stage a product is finally worthy to carry the Johnson International Seal.

JOHNSON International products are manufactured under tight Quality controls in line with our commitment to deliver quality products and services to the user. We not only provide an unmatched warranty for 12 years, but also ensure that the entire warranty claim process is extremely simple. We are the only company in this category to provide free replacement of parts. Our efficient service team is spread across the country to provide timely service to the users. (Please refer Warranty card inside the packing box for details).


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